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July,2003, Ruian T-Zone pharmaceutical chemical machinery Co.,Ltd was founded.
January,2004, become a member of China pharmaceutical equipment association.
January,2004, enlarge factory area, raise production capacity;
December,2004, extraction and concentration unit gets the provincial scientific and technological achievement appraisal certification;
March,2005, vacuum mixing emulsifier unit was researched and designed successfully;
July,2005, obtain the qualification certification of export, own the right of self-import and export;
July, 2006, it was identified as Zhejiang province science and technology medium and small enterprise;
September,2006, export five full automatic extraction production lines, becoming the first domestic enterprise to build large-scale automatic extraction line oversea;
May,2007, become a member of China chemical equipment association;
September,2007, build the technological alliance of Ruian Chinese herb modernization equipment with other seven enterprises, Zhejiang university and Ruian science and technology bureau;

September,2007, upgrade to Wenzhou T-Zone machinery manufacturing Co.,Ltd

December,2007, vacuum mixing emulsifier and extraction&concentration unit was listed as Zhejiang province high-tech products;
December,2007, the company was listed as one of national torch plan project members;
May,2008, the whole enterprise moves to new area;
July,2009, build Ruian Global trade import-export Co.,Ltd;

August,2009, upgrade to Zhejiang Sunny Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd;
June,2010, the company was named one of top-ten technical innovation enterprises in pharmaceutical industry;
October,2010, cooperate with Zhejiang university to build Hangzhou Sunny intelligent equipment Co.,Ltd, firstly enter to the field of Chinese herb digital project;

July,2010, the company was identified as one of national high-tech enterprises;
January,2011, the company was identified as one qualified member of China measuring test system;
January,2012, the company was regarded continuously as A-level holding contract with good repute member of Zhejiang province industrial and commerce enterprises;

August,2012, obtain D, pressure vessel manufacturing license;
September,2013, the company was identified as one three-grade enterprise with safety production standardization;

November,2014, it was identified as technology research and development center of Wenzhou enterprises;
December,2014, complete stock system reconstruction, name was changed to Zhejiang Sunny Machinery Technology (stock) Co.,Ltd;

December,2015, the stock was listed for sale successfully in Zhejiang stock exchange center, stock name:”Senli technology”, stock code:815269;

August,2015, the continuous new model of alcohol distilling tower was listed as Zhejiang provincial high-tech product;
December,2016, pressure-keeping vacuum emulsifier and intelligent alcohol sediment tank were listed as Zhejiang provincial high-tech products.

April,2024, upgraded to Zhejiang Zhongjian Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd.

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