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- User Requirement Specification (URS, Party A completion, Supplier Coordination, Specification Stage)

- Automatic Control System Introduction (Specification Stage)

- Piping &Instrument Diagram

- Control System IO/ Module Configuration Sheet (Input and Output)

- Supply List (Equipment, Valve, Instrument)

- Design Description

- Function Specification (FS, Specification stage)

- Hardware Design Specification (HDS, Specification stage)

- Software Design Specification (SDS, Specification stage)

- Network Diagram of Control System

- Risk Analysis (RA, Risk Assessment and Control)(Specification stage)

- Design Qualification (DQ, Specification stage)

- Software Development Coding and Documentation (Configuration and programming stage)

- Hardware Test (System and module test, performance test, interaction test) (Verification stage)

- Abnormal Condition Test (Verification stage)

- 3Q documents and Operation Manual (IQ, OQ, PQ)(Reporting stage)

- Change Control Document

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