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TZZRJ Series Vacuum Mixing Emulsifier

This equipment is suitable for extracting cream or cosmetic toothpaste, lotion, salad, product in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, foodstuff and chemical industry.

Product Features

1. The material of contacted part is SUS316L stainless steel, inside and outside of the equipment is mirror polished and get to GMP standard.
2. All pipelines and parameter are controlled automaticlly. And the electric appliance which are imported from foreign country, like siemens, schneider and so on.
3. Emulsifying tank is with CIP cleaning system, it make the cleaning to be easy and effective.
4. Emulsifying tank adopts tertiary agitating system, and during the mulsification, the whole processing is under a vacuum condition. It is not only can eliminate spume which generated in the emulsification processing, but also can avoid the unnecessary pollution.
5. The homogenizer adopts the most advanced technology, it can get a ideal emulsifying effect. The speed of high emulsification is 0-3500r/min, and the speed of low mixing is 0-80r/min.


The TZZRJ Series Vacuum mixing emulsifier has done the improvement bases on the technology which imported from German and it is espically useful in cosmetic and ointment product industry. This equipment is mainly consist of emulsified tank, oil tank, water tank, vacuum system, hydraulic system, and electric controller. This equipment has following features: easy operation, compact structure, stable performance, good homogenization effect, high production benefit, convenient cleaning and maintenance, high automatic control.

Technology parameter


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