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FJG Series Stainless Fermentation Tank

1. The inner and out surface is mirror-polished, no dead corner, the design pressure of the tank: 0.25Mpa, the design pressure of jacket: 0.35MPA; we can manufacture the tanks according to customer demand pressure.

2. Fermenter agitation system is well-known reducer which is installed on the-top, it include anti-foaming device; the speed of the mixer can be adjusted according to customer requirement.

3. Inoculation is alcohol flame inoculation mouth, sampling valve and tank bottom valve can be sterile, the tank is equipped with the standard PH DO meter, configuration foam liquid level, temperature sensor, the side endoscopy and 12V safety light.

4. Structure: we have desktop and floor-to-ceiling structure fermenter, we have single fermenter or double fermenter or many fermenter together, it can be controlled by one touch screen, or it can be controlled by many touch screen, each single fermenter can operate independently, or multi-tank can be operated at the same time.

5. PH meter is mettler toledo which can check the acid, alkali linkage and signal transmission line, the accuracy is ± 0.1pH with automatic alarm function, so it can be fully achieve digital automatic control.

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