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Our company located in Ruian city, where is famous as an inspiring place to produce outstanding people, with its propitious sky and peaceful land. People here are diligent and reputable. Machine manufacturing as the pillar industry of local economy is blooming in past decades. Now we are facing historic developing opportunity, Zhongjian people are full of vigour and vitality to make concerted efforts to lead the upgradation of industry.

With past decade of development, we deeply realized that quality is the core of our enterprise, customers are our life line. We will stick to pragmatic and stable work style, practically provide customers with high quality products with comprehensive service. We will fortitude and perseverance, keep passion and constant innovation, obey strict management to build a brand company in big healthy industry in China.

Add:68 Hongjin Road, Feiyun new district, Feiyun Street, Rui'an, Zhejiang Province, China

Sales Hotline:0086-577-65021908

International Trade:0086-577-65021938

After-sale service:0086-577-65021918




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