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1, Solvent dispensing: with on-line detection of liquid level, temperature, PH value, purification water level, etc. The system controls purification water control valve, solvent discharging pump and cleaning liquid discharge pump.

2, Extraction unit: on-line detection of liquid level, temperature, pressure, heated steam pressure, flow rate of solvent. The system automatically adjust heated steam according to set temperature rise time and holding temperature. The solvent inlet control valve and extract discharge pump and valve can also be automatically controlled on line.

3, Double or Single-effect concentration unit: on-line detection of single-effect and double-effect liquid temperature, gas phase temperature, liquid level, vacuum degree, density, heated steam pressure, feeding volume. The system will automatically adjust heating steam according to set temperature and vacuum degree, as well as feeding flow rate and concentrated discharging.

4, Alcohol deposition unit: on line detection of deposition tank temperature, alcohol flow rate, the system will automatically adjust the jacket heating and cooling water flow rate, motor rotating speed, alcohol loading speed and flow rate according set configuration.

5, Column chromatography unit: on line detection of purificated water flow rate, acid or alkali rate, alcohol flow rate, material flow rate, etc. The system will automatically adjust these process parameters and accumulates. Meanwhile automatically control of chromatographic column liquid level.

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